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Overview. Schools and universities are all about learning - and learning is mostlly brain training. Learning is expedited by repetition and forgetting is expedited by infrequent use of learned skills or information. Tracking the building of the Ravenel Bridge and now tracking the demolition of the Grace and Pearman Bridges bring many questions to me and help me better understand the role Google and the Internet play in just-in-time learning. I enjoy chasing my curiosity and want to identify ways to encourage younger learners to also enjoy curiosity chasing and learning.

Many young learners do not understand the importance of repetition. More important, while experienced learners understand the learning process they often do not realize the destructive effects of the forgetting process. Over the course of the bridge project, I have access to only a few experts. Rather than a liability, this has become an asset and pushed me to improve my search skills with Google. Soon, I realized that answers to questions encountered during my photo adventures were often only a Google-search away. Gene Stead, my first boss and I put these ideas together in a small essay: (see Restoring the Joy in Learning).

Google + Internet have become dependable extensions of my memory. Insights I gain from you and this project will find their way into the learning centers in our schools and universities.

Thu, 09 Feb 2006

February 9 2006 2am: Another chapter about signature bridges

One day as I was following the building of the Ravenel Bridge, I stumbled on a tablet on the top of the west tower that was signed by many of the bridge workers. Hmm, I thought, this is what a signature bridge is all about.

Today, though, I discovered another variant of Signature Bridges. Jackie and Richie thought that tonight, they would unpour the last section of Grace roadway at the Mt. Pleasant entrance. So off I went, about 8pm to watch. At 2am Friday morning, it was complete - and - wow, what a new meaning for signature bridge. Jack, Richie,Rich, Roy and myself - the only witnesses to this event. Click for the Grace signature bridge story. Huge thanks to Richie, Jackie, Rich and Roy for the invitation!

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