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April 12, 2006:
Pearman Drilling and Cleanup

Not only is there the P-11 to P-13 dropping of Grace's truss, but there is Pearman retrieval of the east Pearman cantilever as well as Mickey's guys are back drilling - C-2 with the jackup barge and the D-28 substructure with the John Henry
A nice view of the Grace and Pearman Cantilever trusses

from a different position

One Sparky's way out to the Grace worksite - he passed some of the recently retrieved Pearman truss debris

A submerged section

and retrieval

and more stuff

cleanup - which is retrieve, bite, chew and pile it up

a shear bite

one word: Jaws

a closer view of a shear bite

While cleaning up, Capt. Bill (I would guess) is repositioning the jackup barge so that Mickey's guys can resume drilling on C-2. Here is 11:07




11:41 - in the working position

Drilling and blowing

11:44 Drilling C-2

Meanwhile, over at D-28 (Jodi - this comes after D-27) the John Henry is drilling vertical holes for imploding the D-28 substructure

and another view of D-28 and the John Henry (is Silas doing the drilling?)

But you know Sparky - a budding young artist who cannot resist inside looks at anything - whether at the macro-level (watch the blast) or micro-level (explore the inside of a truss section)

Sparky art

More inside looks

Sparky is just an inside kind of guy

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