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April 24, 2006:

Sparky has been checking up at the Cooper River worksite and at the Navy Yard.

Here is a view of the Grace on ramp from the Mt. Pleasant side

and what remains of the supports

The jackup barge has shifted to C-3 and looks like Mickey's team is up to something

a closer look

Meanwhile, back at the Navy Yard - continued chewing of Grace and Pearman segments, loading and shipping off to that great recycling center somewhere

A grapple and shear - Jackie playing the grapple while Steve is playing the shear. Unseen is Richie - all over the place running the smaller equipment and applying his artistic touch with his torch.

A serious bite with the shear - Steve in action while

some serious gapple action - Jackie in action

and Sparky's artistic touch of Jackie and the grapple

framing the grapple with the shear

and sunset

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