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August 10, 2006: Cooper River Update - Drilling C-3

Sparky has been working on the book. I've been watching unbuilding in Singapore - without Mickey's assistance. What a difference 12 time zones make.

More drilling on the Pearman piers next to the Sea Breeze

A closer view

and look at Cousin Arthur

The worksite with the 995 in the sleeping position

Looking along the Ravenel Bridge ramp

Paul Achorn on the left and Sonny on the right

Pulling stuff from the river mud

Hmmm - Manny has been fishing here

Hmmm - is this a Riverdog in disguise

Friendly waves from the fishing team

And some burning to cut the base of a Grace support (I think)

Manny's fishing rig

The residual superstructure between the Seabreeze and the Port

From the other side

Meanwhile here is Mickey's new Copco

And the old Copco to the right

Remember back in June when I spent the day with Ken and the O'Dell brothers - drilling P-12. This has a familiar ring to it and looks like another drilling template wrapped around P-something

Sonny lighting the cutting torch

and cutting a hole for the drilling sleeve

And burned through

and Sonny from the other side

and yet another angle. Note the shock tubes leading down to the underwater explosives - dropped down the shaft drilled by the Copco.

Here is the drilling sleeve being coupled to another sleeve

Here is P-10 (I think) ready for Mickey

And Prof. Rogers and his team of learners coupling two drilling sleeves

One turn at a time

and another

and another

Looking down the drilling sleeve

Sonny burning the next drilling guide hole in the template

The idea is that first Mickey slides the drilling sleeve through the hold in the collar wrapped around the pier base. The drilling sleeve has a group of carbide cutting tips on the end and the old Copco drills down about 6 inches into the concrete pier foundation. With the drilling sleeve stabilized at the bottom (underwater and within the submerged pier apron), a smaller bit is used to drill down 30 - 40' where the charges will be placed.

A view from above

and a wider view

Here the new Copco is Drilling the charge hole with a bit and shaft within the external drilling sleeve

Here the new Copco is drilling the hole for charges

This is a good view of drilling through the collar guide hole. The red cups cover the tops of holes drilled on the top surface of the pier - to minimize rain water from filling the holes

Here is the new Copco with the drill shaft extracted from the sleeve

Starting another hole. Here James (?) is holding the drill bit

and screwing it into the drilling shaft

Tightening it

and ready for drilling

Centering it over the drilling shaft

And lowering it into the shaft

The shaft at the base of the drilling tower

and the top of the shaft drive assembly

Extending the drive shaft - here lowering the primary drive onto the extension below

and into the coupling

Meanwhile the elder Copco is drilling with the large sleeve

and here the new Copco is simply drilling away

with a bit of backflow water coming out the top of the drilling sleeve

and settling down a bit

Ken in discussion

This looks like a back-flow deflector - a bit of on the spot engineering

and ready to go

and Ken checking it out

A good view of the new copco, the template collar and a couple of drilling sleeves (far left and far right)

And the water is getting a bit choppy

and choppy

Picking up the next drilling sleeve


and up

and up

And down

aligning with the template hole





and down

success - aligned with the sleeve

Now secondary alignment below


and Ken checking the vertical alignment

and perpendicular alignment

A slightly puzzled Ken

meanwhile the elder Copco is drilling with the big sleeve - with a bit of backflow

and backflow

Tieing the sleeve

and lifting

Passing C-2 - already drilled

and Kim

and Cousin Arthur

The last of the super structures

and rain

The Sea Breeze Bay

The Sea Breeze (Mickey's new office) and the remaining Grace and Pearman superstructures

As seen from the East Bay Bicycle Park

From Mt. Pleasant

Placing the floor girders for the Mt. Pleasant Observation Pier

Progress - with little Grace foot prints to the right

The observation pier

What a view from Mt. Pleasant. When is Mayor Riley going to build the jogger's and bicycler's park on the Charleston Side

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