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August 16, 2006:Singapore Unbuilding
Downward progress on one block, upward scaffolding on another

The worksite at about 7am this morning. Down another floor or so

Progress on the left. Note, though, the appearance of scaffolding around the building behind

Here is the sleeping grapple and sleeping hammer. Behind you can see progress in growing up the scaffolding. To the left, there are 2 - 3 levels. To the right, though, it extends above the image

Paris has many treasures, but one of my favorites is the Rodin Musee that displays many of his works in an outdoor garden. His masterpiece is the Gates of Hell - but the most famous of the components of the Gates of Hell is The Thinker. shown to the left. Below is Michael (because you can see his white gloves) in the Thinking position. This is a sign of a quality and highly skilled unbuilder. Many times, I have seen Jackie, Manny and Chris display the same thoughtful position.

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