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August 22, 2006: Mickey's largest blast to date: C-3

This is a big day - Mickey's largest blast (mine on March 22 held the record until today).

The C-3 setup - preparing to remove the access ramp.

Mickey and Ken: final prep - tieing in the shock tubes

This is a very interesting photo. Note the coils of shock tubes on the side of C-3. This is one of the pier bases that was drilled both from the top surface as well as a rectangle of holes into the water and penetrating the skirt at the base of the pier. Earlier you saw the preparation for the collar during my June 5 visit and then a couple of days later - drilling and loading. Here is another wrapped around C-2 with the John Henrys standing guard.

Mickey and Ken - a final high 5

Mickey getting ready to remove the ramp. Look at the shock tube array in the background. Lots of drilling and lots of loading


Sparky's high res view of the blast: before

Single frame ignition sequence:

Time = 0.000           Note the shock tube fire on the left corner: Time = 0.033

Ignition spreading to the left Time = 0.067           Time = 0.100 and the right corner triggered

Ignition spreading toward the center Time = 0.133           Time = 0.167 Ignition spreads from the ends toward the center

Continued spread toward the center Time = 0.200           Time = 0.233 - surface ignition complete

Time = 0.267           Time = 0.300

Time = 0.333           Time = 0.367

Initial detonation on the left Time = 0.400           Time = 0.433 Initial detonation on the right


Detonation extends toward the center Time = 0.467           Time = 0.500 Continued development toward the center

Detonation almost complete Time = 0.533           Time = 0.567 Detonation complete

Water shock wave projects upward Time = 0.600           Time = 0.633 extending from left to right

Time = 0.667           Time = 0.700

Time = 0.733           Time = 0.767









The end

Our team - after the show

and the after worksite - no C-3

12:10 - time for lunch and a trip back to the port

The 995 - waiting patiently to continue to clean the river bottom

And the 995's scooper

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