Changing the face of Charleston : The unbuilding of the Grace and Pearman Bridges
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The story of building the Ravenel Bridge
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This is a big day - Mickey's largest blast (mine on March 22 held the record until today). Leaving the Sea Breeze Marina - the 995

From the side - waiting for action

The Pearman and Grace skeletons

Not much left of P-8, another one of Michael's unbuilding exercises

and a nice view under the Ravenel Bridge. In the background is C-2 with a drilling collar wrapped around it. Click to review the P-11 drilling collar that I watched during my June visit

Our team -

Mickey and Sparky know how to make an old man feel sad. Its for real - these tripods are not ghosts. The only ghosts are Fran's tripods.

Look at Lewis (left) and Manny (right) - looking at the prepublication version of Sparky's bridge book

and some collar building going on

Loading C-2

with the real stuff

Meet the Henry brothers and more prep for C-2

Looking back - and on to the big show

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