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August 30, 2006: Cleaning up with Michael and Timmy

The end is near. Sparky found Michael and Timmy cleaning up a bit at the Navy Yard. Timmy and Michael have the distinction of being the two who have been hammering away on the Grace piers. Michael with his high reach 1250 and Timmy with his low-reach 325 (or maybe 350?). Timmy is close to finishing up in Charleston and will be heading to Jacksonville. That leaves Chris Vocci and Michael for the final final cleanup in Charleston. Now to figure out how to have them come to Singapore and run a few unbuilding classes.
Here is a lonely excavator, clean Navy Yard and maybe a scrap metal ship?

Perhaps this is a scrap ship for loading. But nevertheless, the clouds are simply beautiful

Not much of Grace or Pearman to be seen

Here is Timmy demonstrating to Michael how to move dirt without a 325

And clearly Timmy has quite a bit of experience - Look who is wearing the gloves

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