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December 9, 2006:More wildlife at Singapore's Macritchie reservoir

This weekend, I sort of went off the deep end. Saturday morning, with camera and tripod, off on bus 855 to see what surprises nature had today.

Here is the pink flower I have not identified yet - but pretty common


and some small orange flowers - Ixora from buds seen below


But here are clusters of Ixora buds - with a twist. A couple of black ants crawling over the surface. So here is there story.


Not sure what they are doing - but I was fascinated by where they walked, and then visited the same territory over and over again.


Here I can't see his/her head - but something interesting is happening


Then a side trip up a leaf - and the eyes


Then a walk across the bottom of the leaf


back up to the flower buds


and jumping from one place to another - like our ironworker acrobats


walking down a small stem


and who knows what is happening?


Then joined by his buddy


Here the focal plane is such that he looks suspended


Here I think you can see the eyes


A duet for two black ants.


more adventures for two ants


and two ants doing their things


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