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February 2, 2006:
Unbuilding the base of Pearman pier D-24

After loading is complete, here is Ken setting up the receiver and thinking about connecting it to the ignition line

and then connecting

D-24 is ready - you can see the red iginition lines like a day's beard growing out of the top of the D-24 base

Here is the ignition sequence - single frames from the video. With your curious eyes, watch the top of the pier.

T = 0 msec

T = 67 msec: shock tubes light up on each end

T = 133 msec: and each link propagates toward the center

T = 200 msec

T = 567 msec: Note the rising water around the perimeter

T = 33 msec

T = 100 msec: ignition propagating toward the center

T = 167 msec: first signs of detonation

T = 533 msec: increasing detonation

T = 600 msec

Sparky saved the day again with a wide angle view of the implosion

My high resolution images - I was slow on the trigger. Here you can see the post ignition upward movement of water around the pier.

which rapidly dissipates

When its all over - the guys on the Captain Gary pick us up and take us home

and the Captain Gary

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