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January 23, 2006: Richie Bagan

I first met Richie on September 20, 2005. So why so long to make a story? The problem is me - all the unbuilders have showered me with ideas, insights, challenges etc - and it takes time for me to sort things out. Richie is on of those guys that does it all - another continuous smile (sometimes disguised). Here is Richie

Richie suiting up for some serious buring while Jim (banned to Drum Island) simply grins

Richie cutting a crossbeam

Richie solving a problem - no surprise here!

Richie can burn anywhere

Richie can also sweep with his I-beam broom

Here with Pio (left) and Roy (middle)

One night, I caught Richie driving a highly mobile Cat - here a blur - so Bob McCabe is not the only blurred guy in an orange tee-shirt

and another view of all purpose Richie - burner, fetch and tote man, cleaner-upper and simply a great guy

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