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January 28, 2006:
Mt. Pleasant pier foundation and a wave from Michael

My Saturday rounds start at the Pearman ramp. Here is the Pearman worksite - note that all the Pearman supports have been leveled

In the distance is the jackup barge, parked at C-2

While I was walking up the Grace ramp, I saw a barge with an excavator being pushed toward the port. Richie said this was Michael so he phoned Michael and Michael waved back

Here is the progress with drilling C-4 to C-1 supports. C-4 has been drilled for explosives, the top of C-3 has been drilled from the top of the jackup barge and C-2 looks like it is being prepared for drilling. C-1 has already been drilled (as shown in the link shoing both D-28 and C1).

A closer look at C-4 - C-1

From here, you can see that the Pearman supports have all been unbuilt to the red lines and ready for building the Mt. Pleasant observation and fishing pier

and in the background, the Coleman Recycle Center is getting a clean-up

Something new - a Jackie and his grapple on the left and on the right, is Scotty and a rather large electromagnet - picking of the residual pieces of rebar. Neil Myers is hidden between the two.

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