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July 8, 2006:
C-2 Clean-up and more drilling

Sparky and Liza were out riding their bicycles over the Ravenel Bridge today. Look what they saw - cleanup from yesterday and more drilling

Not sure, but maybe this is Timmy cleaning up the top of the C-2 foundation. This is so when Mickey moves either New Copco or the John Henry, it won't slide off the top. I've got the speak to Mickey and Ken and encourage them to work on an implosion strategy that leaves the foundation clean and flat.

A better view

Here is the John Henry drilling the C-3 base

Here is Mickey's new Copco working on the C-1 foundation

A deep discussion.

Note the red Xs identifying the hole locations. Here is another view of the Copco drilling. The red cups are placed on top of already-drilled-holes so that the next thunderstorm will not fill the holes with water

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