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June 10, 2006: Unbuilding a Pearman bearing

Last Wednesday, C-2 (Pearman) had two bearings while C-1 was empty.

Today Sparky watched the unbuilding of the left bearing on C-2

Both the left and right bearings

Another view

Meanwhile, Mickey's team is using the John Henry for more vertical drilling.

a closer view

Now the hard part - cutting the bearing loose from the pier cap

Stan is doing the burning while Carlos is keeping the process organized and overseeing all the bits and pieces required to safely remove the bearing structure.

Manny stabilizes the bearing while Stan cuts through the base




with a crowd of onlooking as the drifted by

more burning

On the barge are other pieces - some with a bit of growth from their underwater home

while others never touched the water

Finally the bearing is free

and Manny starts the lowering process.



almost on the barge -but some rotation

then lower

tilting into the sleeping position

closer to sleep

and down

A good view of the pin

and C-2 without a bearing

The worksite after

and on the Capt Gary (or Eddie R) - Manny, Stan, Scott and Carlos

and a view from Mt Pleasant

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