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March 25, 2006 The next chapter: Singapore

The National University of Singapore provided a ticket on Singapore Airlines - a direct flight from Newark to Singapore. Previously when I took the United flight - from Chicago to Singapore, we flew west, over the North Pole and down toward the equator over Siberia, Manchuria, etc. Yesterday's flight took the eastern routh - over the North Pole and then down through central Russia and over Mongolia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and into Singapore. Consider flying near the North Pole - crossing 13 time zones in about 10 min. For the young learners out there - see if you can figure out the answer (Hint - don't think of the map of the world as a rectangle (as shown below) but as a nice round orange with the North as the stem and the South Pole opposite). Here are the flight paths.

There is a 13 hour time difference - so day is night and night is day. Photos will follow as my brain adapts to hopefully its unscrambled state. Again - a huge grin from the sendoff party by Mickey Rogers and his ABS team - Cashman and Testa. Ken Canty was there on the dock with me and it was Ken that opened the door for our unbuilding web page. Thanks to all! - Frank

When last seen - Mickey had painted Frank into a bit of history

and literally a few seconds later Frank was just a few bubble - with Pio walking up to check to see if I was tunneling my way to Singapore - as Testa did with the Big Dig in Boston.

Fortunately for me - I got here - and here is this morning (Sunday) from my temporary apartment. Look near the center and you'll see a small pedestrian bridge over the Singapore river. Nothing like an interesting bridge to start the morning!

- looking a bit to the west. Look carefully and you'll see a tower crane busy building. I suspect there is some unbuilding here also.

Smiles from Singapore

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