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November 15, 2005:
Dropping Pearman Cantilever and Drum Island Segments.

An overview of the Pearman Town Creek Sections - 10:03

What follows is a sequence approximately 3 frames/sec from my camera.

Frame 2

Frame 3

Frame 4

Frame 5

Frame 6

10:05 am

10:16 am

Tom Trusk captured this frame at the moment of ignition from his composite realtime and slow motion video (78 Mb wmv)

From the my video (link at the top of this segment), Jonathan Coultas extracted the first individual frames to highlight the early ignition process.

t = 0

t = 33 msec

t = 66

t = 100 msec

t = 133

t = 166 msec

t = 200

t = 233 msec

Andy Sierra captured this video from near the Aquarium and extracted these images that reflect a different angle

Gary Eaton, who shares a bridge addiction with me viewed the implosion from near the Morrison St on ramp - which shows a different perspective

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