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October 1, 2005:
Environmental Management and cleanup

Our view of the Charleston Stonehenge is changing as the Pearman support columns disappear. There was a test blast on Thursday that I missed. A second column was dropped, like a tree - but notching it on one side and then placing charges that dropped the column in the direction of the notch.

Here you can see the notching and drilling holes through the inside faces of the column.

Because of the proximity of the Pearman columns to the Ravenel columns, vibration monitors (brown boxes) are strategically placed to monitor vibration between the Ravenel columns.

Here you can see the vibration monitor between the round Ravenel columns.

One Pearman column has been dropped in this manner

and the concrete is being hammered to expose the rebar (for recycling)

Later - looking down on the column breakup and cleanup process

Another view of the cleanup operation. For me, the size scale is impressive - ranging from the CAT 345 to the Pearman columns to the Ravnel towers.

On Drum Island is another recycling station - with a black fabric barrier on the perimeter. This prevents runoff from the bridge debris from flowing into the surrounding environment (for example, when raining).

and all the while a nice heron is simply chillin' in the nearby pool

Meanshile, a crane has been position to start removing the girders over the Cooper River and between support columns - looking east -

and looking west -

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