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October 3, 2005:
More problem solving behind the scenes at the Navy Yard - Mostly my mixing up Scott and Kevin. Here exactly one month later, Nov, 3 2005 - Scott is unmixing me. Ponch tried - but I only got more scrambled brains.

There are so many unsung heros within the Testa group - and here is part of the Navy yard team. What happens here? It is a repair depot

where various surgical instruments are repaired. Here, meet Kevin Atkinson, not a member of the Billingsley clan.

and Russell - the master mechanic

and Scott Billingsly, another surgeon surgeon in the Billingsley clan.

Here is Ponch, Kevin, Russell and Scott - obviously deep in discussion about how to solve the next problem.

The Navy yard is also a staging area for transfer of bridge debris to barges -

for building artificial reefs out there somewhere. Here is a barge from Drum Island.

Here is a view of a loaded barge for building an artifical reef.

But there is much much more - here is a barge (center back) that can jack itself up for supporting equipment that needs to be elevated

Here is a closer view - and you can see the teeth in the spuds that hold the barge in whatever elevated position is required

So today I learned more of what is going on behind the scenes. The work on the Grace and Pearman structures is obvious - but the recycling, repair and staging for building artifical reefs is not at all obvious.

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