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October 13, 2006:
Sparky is back in business

Sparky, just as a reality check has been restoring his building skills - here a new walkway - the finished part.

and the work-in-progress part

And what a view

Meanwhile here is the current state of the Mt. Pleasant observation pier

and looking back toward's Mt. Pleasant. When I left in March - where there were only footings and pilings now stands a structure.

The shore-side origin of the observation pier.

and a few remaining Grace feet

What used to be the Grace on ramp

and the take-off point

Cousin Arthurs watching over Grace's feet

and watching over the growing observation pier

Meanwhile, on the Charleston side of the river, here is a view of the footings and support for supporting the mid-span section of the Grace truss

and the support structure

I think this is the J. Cashman, the 995 cleaner-upper that is moving residual concrete and rebar debris from the river bottom to adjacent barges. There are probably a few Frank fragments of T-3 here - left over from Mickey's March 22 farewell

A closer look at the 995

The remaining sections of the Pearman and Grace trusses as well as Grace's crutch

and a closer look at the feet of Grace's crutches

Looking up at the support

and looking along the long axis of the truss - look at that symmetry - nice work!

Additional casing

and poking their head up - with Chris' 7550 in the background

A look from the other side

The Port worksite

From the other side - a good view of the 7550 and both Grace and Pearman trusses

and more casings (?)

And to the side - sections of the supports removed a couple of weeks ago

But Sparky is trapped - a 30 min wait while the train folks change shifts

You can see that he escaped - I have his photos. Stay tuned

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