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October 16, 2005:
Recovering and Disassembling a Pearman Segment (Chewing)

I missed the dropping of the Pearman truss and found the recovery process more to my speed of adaptation. To capture some of the dynamics, I made a composite video from photos demonstrating the overall retrieval process (12 Mb mpeg video). Shown here is an overview as seen from the Sea Breeze Marina - where you can see both Pearman supports and the gap where the truss used to live.

the east cantilevered segment

and the west cantilevered segment

What remains is mostly scrap pieces - shears doing their thing

These next photos show raising one of the last segments (barely visible here)

Using the shear to assist the lifting process

and raising




and resting on the barge

Now the shear takes over and startes removing segments - start

and finish

Then on my side (west) - start

and finish

then laying the skeleton down into the eating position

where the shear chews away

and chews until the plate is clean

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