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October 26, 2006: Lunch at GMS - Evaluating Culinary Therapy 101


GMS is a special place, in fact, a very special place. For example, each day about noon - a variable number of GMSers gather for lunch - typically across the street at the Silat Food Court. We engage in what I call culinary therapy, which is often a very interesting adventure, secondary only to retail therapy. Bob Kamei has expressed such an interest in culinary therapy that the proximity of high density culinary options is driving his selection of a place to life. After 6 months of experiencing the end product of taking Culinary 101, many of us feel that this will be added to the 1st year curriculum, with segments included in Molecules and Cells and other segments included in Normal Body and a few remaining segments included in Body and Disease.

Here is Leah waiting and the group gathering

oct_26_9882_leah.jpg oct_26_9885_group.jpg

We make our way to the street - and cross it (note the green walk light)

oct_26_9887_street.jpg oct_26_9889_crossing.jpg

We pass a Sikh Temple and continue walking

oct_26_9890_temple.jpg oct_26_9896_walking.jpg

We pass an interesting market and before us is the Silat Food Court

oct_26_9895_market.jpg oct_26_9923_silat.jpg

Then cross over to the food court - ans past the Popiah stall

oct_26_9898_crossing.jpg oct_26_9899_popiah.jpg

Here is Yu Hui - looking for empty tables - while I am off ordering my mutton briani and paratha

oct_26_9900_yu_hui_looking.jpg oct_26_9901_paratha_mutton_briani.jpg

Then Yu Hui orders and the drink lady drops by

oct_26_9903_yu_hui_order.jpg oct_26_9907_drink_lady.jpg

Leah has noodles today and Gina is engaged in very deep conversation

oct_26_9910_leah_noodles.jpg oct_26_9911_leah_gina.jpg

There were no adjacent tables so we split up - here are the ladies at one table and Tony, Yvonne and Edward at another table

oct_26_9912_ladies.jpg oct_26_9914_tony_yvonne_edward.jpg

There are many food stalls - to the left and right

oct_26_9915_stalls_left.jpg oct_26_9916_stalls_right.jpg

Here are our ladies and here is my favorite guy - the man that makes Popiah

oct_26_9918_ladies.jpg oct_26_9917_popiah_man.jpg

Someone has to guard the fort - and it is usually Pat while the group returns back

oct_26_9934_pat.jpg oct_26_9936_group_back.jpg

For the next day - Friday - Tony decided it was Guys-lunch-out - at a place near Far East Square

oct_27_9939_queue.jpg oct_27_9941_server.jpg

Here is li Fook - and then on to Far East Square

oct_27_9943_fuzzy_li_fook.jpg oct_27_9952_far_east_square.jpg

Walking back - we pass a number of interesting food courts - all engaged in group culinary therapy

oct_27_9950_group_therapy.jpg oct_27_9949_group_threapy.jpg

And so we continued - under the Fire Gate and back to Tony's car park


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