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September 21, 2005:
Pio Monsini, Day Superintendent - a man with more skills than I can count

Pio is man in motion - a working supervisor - always thinking, always concerned, always inspiring, always directing, and ocassionally smiling. Here is a short photo essay of Pio in action: Pio thinking (while a ship passes under the Pearman work site) and when he is not thinking he is directing using his multi-mode communicators: mobile phone in this right hand and air horn in the left (to signal the barge guys) and mouth in the middle

Pio explaining the game plan to the team: SCDOT, HDR, TY Lin etc -

Pio's hidden skill: tooth extraction (from the expansion joint)

Pio as a detective - even after extracting the tooth (just in front of Mike's left foot), what is holding the expansion plates in place?

Everyone wants a discussion with Pio - what is the next surprise?

Pio has a bit of magic and here is doing the impossible - walking on the underside of a road without falling up

Even tied down - Pio is talking and investigating and making a strategy

Pio cleaning up after everyone else

and Pio can actually smile

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