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September 29, 2005: Test blast on Drum Island
Sparky and Mickey Rogers came to the rescue while I was at NIH

Here is the before image. Look carefully at the support with the vertical column of holes - that contains the explosive charge

Better shown here

and from a different vantage point (before)

The blast (from Mickey who works for Advanced Blasting Services). Note that the blast started at the bottom of the columns and was timed to work its way up the column. Click for a video (Windows Media Video format) or Click for a video (1 Mb mpg)

and from Sparky

The smoke

more smoke

more smoke

and as the smoke settles -

and now - just another cloud

After the blast - just pieces

Another view - and my assessment is that the blasting guys represent another surgical specialty within the Cashman/Testa team.

And of course - cleanup at the bottom

and cleanup at the top

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