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January 28, 2006:
Ironworker acrobats unbuilding the Pearman cantilever

Yesterday Sparky watched our acrobats remove the top section of the A the next to last step in competing the cantilever removal. Today, I watch the removal of the bottom section of the A - more ironworker acrobatics. Here is the worksite

and the crane bringing the cables for holding the to-be-cut segment (the half upside down V over the pier)

Two acrobats - one on each side grabbing the pair of cables

then orienting them - one for each side of the girder

and connecting a shackel to each side of the girder

and then gentle tension

Now to start cutting the girder - from our right to left

Burning a line across the girder

and then cutting across the edges

The last burn - and with your curious eyes, you can see the gap on left side opening.

A little more tension separates the girder from the base

and signaling to lift the girder segment



and lowering

Now for the other side - rotating to bring the cables to the nearer girder


attaching the shackel for one of the two cables

a closer view

sort of walking down the girder

another step

Then starting to cut the girder

The last of the cutting

a closer view

Signaling to lift

the girder is free

and moved to the barge

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